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What People Say

The following are some interesting tidbits we picked up while sampling or making deliveries to new stores.


Thank you for bringing such a healthy snack into our world.
Gurmukh, Co-founder and Director of Golden Bridge (Los Angeles, CA)

I absolutely love SeaSnax. I love the taste and the texture, and I love that they are even good for us, too. And I love the SeaSnax company you are doing this for love and with love! Thank you, thank you.
Patrician McCarthy, founder, The Mien Shiang Institute

I opened the bag and couldnt put it down. SeaSnax is awesome!
Martin, Grocery Team Leader, Whole Foods Market, West LA (Los Angeles, CA)

Ive never seen a product fly out the door so fast. Its the hottest thing. I know cause Im the cashier.
Ronald, Co-opportunity (Santa Monica, CA)

My family loves it! A best seller at our store!
Ricardo, Grocery Buyer, Erewhon (Los Angeles, CA)

I LOVE SEASNAX! Mom can we get 150 packs please!?!
Marco, a 7 year old (Los Angeles, CA)

This (SeaSnax) is so good, in my next life I want to come back as a fish!
Richard (Los Angeles, CA)

It tastes like bacon.
Samantha (Los Angeles, CA)

Ill have it with my beer.
Jason (Los Angeles, CA)

Only problem with selling it is getting it on the shelves before I eat them all.
Daniel, Buyer, Berkshire Co-op Market (Great Barrington, MA)

This really is strangely addictive. I dont normally get into nori but I was having it for breakfast!
Liv, Buyer, Guidos Fresh Marketplace (Great Barrington, MA)

You know, I dont really even like nori but I ate the whole bag!
Liv, 5 days later

SeaSnax is super-hot! It tastes so good I cant keep them on the shelf!
Bernard, Grocery Buyer & Manager, Co-opportunity (Santa Monica, CA)

My kids are gaga for SeaSnax!
Robyn Perry Coe (Columbia County, NY)

When was the last timeyou make a delivery and the woman looks up, sees the box and suddenly cheers Yeeeeeeesss! with both arms raised up in a V like at a football game? This was my Grassroots Market delivery tonight just as they were closing up shop. (Sent via BlackBerry)
Ben, part time SeaSnax driver (Los Angeles, CA)