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 Welcome to the SeaSnax Affiliate Rewards Program, an excellent way to get a boatload of free stuff for sharing SeaSnax with your online community.  Simply sign up to spread the message of healthy snacking on your website, social networking page, or email newsletter, and start earning SeaSnax Reward Points. 

Affiliate Reward Points

You earn 10% of the purchase amount in SeaSnax Reward Points which you can use to purchase anything on our site -- even gift certificates!  Our Reward Points are like real money in our store -- 1 Point equals 1 Dollar -- and both are green (but ours is clean ;).

Share & Promote Away

You can redeem your Reward Points to offer product giveaways or contests to excite & reward your audience with a unique, healthy (and fun) product.

The Technical Stuff... (or "How it Works")
Once you are accepted as a SeaSnax Affiliate Rewards Partner, we will provide you with the links you need to be able to track the sales you originate and begin earning points. Simply copy and paste the code we supply into your website, profile page, or email. With an easy to use interface, you will get immediate notification once an order has been received and approved.

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